We have over 1,000 of unique items under below category, which developed and produced by our own.

  • Hemp/Ramie indigo yarn-dyed Denim and solid : one of the best eco-friendly fiber and oldest textile
  • Indigo yarn-dyed Denim with TENCEL® fibers fabric washed for real clean look (no need extra garment washing)
  • Cupro, TENCEL®, MicroModal® : with/without Stretches
  • Cupro blend, TENCEL® blend, MicroModal® blend : with/without Stretches
  • Viscose/Cotton Stretch for Trousers and Jackets.
  • TENCEL®, Cotton Fabric washed denim
  • Bonded fabric (tencel, denim, cotton stripe)

   We are very pride of that 90% our products are Eco-friendly and sustainable.
   While other synthetic fibers such as polyester and viscous rayon inevitably create harmful chemical pollution
   during production process, TENCEL® and Cupro(Bemberg), of which our main products are made, are free from such chemical pollution.

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